What Can't Be Said

What Can't Be Said, recorded in Chicago, IL 2005

1.  Maybe You're Right
2.  Hello Ren
3.  Sideways Living
4.  No Laughing Matter
5.  You Are Mine
6.  They Say We're The Same
7.  Song About Hope
8.  Austin At Sunrise
9.  Driving
10. No One Loves You (When You're Down)
11.  All I Am
12. Backward Kind of Time

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Nathan Chew, vocals
Scott Tracey, guitar
Erik Friedman, harmonica, guitar, lap steel
John Hayes, bass
Jeff Eberhard, drums

Recorded by Brendan Fitzpatrick
Produced by Brendan Fitzpatrick & Low Ren

For more information: info@lowrentmusic.com